Online brand videos don’t have to have multiple sets and dancing bears to be good.

It’s no Dollar Shave Club or Christmas Jammies and the Santa kinda creeps me out, but looks like a good product and shows that not all product videos need to have multiple sets and dancing.


Damn. Gets me every time. Because it’s a great speech.

Jim Valvano’s speech from 1993. It’s 20 years old now. Still amazing. No matter what it is you are doing. Don’t give. Don’t ever give up.

A few notes:
– He explains why his speech will be the way it is, no cue cards;
– Breaks things up in segments, first with three things you should do every day. You should laugh, you should think and you should cry;
– Next another list of three, where you started, where you and where you’re going to be;
– Next he tells a humorous story about Vince Lombardi firing up his team with a speech about focusing on three things, your family, your religion and the Green Bay Packers;
– He establishes himself as human with a humorous anecdote;
– He recaps the advice, and ends with a memorable call to action. Don’t give up. Don’t ever give up.