That press release I just sent you….umm…just kidding

Valleywag and Marshall Kirkpatrick have put together a big oops on the part of Amazon. Someone screwed up and sent a release to Marshall at Read/Write/Web about an announcement. He wrote about it here. This demonstrates the good and the bad about instant publishing as this morning according to Valleywag he posted on Twitter (I just can’t type “Twitterred” in good conscience) that:

“Update: Amazon contacted us this morning to let us know that though they sent us a draft press release, they are not in fact making any such announcement, they are not supporting OpenSocial and if they were it would still be under embargo anyway despite the date on said release.”

Oops. Did you read that ‘despite the date on the release?’ So then what does the date on the release mean?


One of the best ways to launch a tech company is in a Walt Mossberg column

that looks favorably on your company. This is not an easy thing to do. Walt gets literally thousands of PR pitches per month. He’s (along with Katie Boehret who works with him) hard on products he tries out. If he agrees to take a look at your product, it had better be ready for prime time.

Ooma has been getting hit for several months by folks like Valleywag asking where their product was ….I would say the new column by Walt Mossberg should answer that just fine.

Congratulations to the Oooma team. Now, can I get on the list?