Hey look…that’s me!

One of our new clients is being funded by a local venture fund, Velocity Venture Capital, and as a result I was talking to a local reporter who is filling in for the Sacramento Bee’s tech reporter (Clint Swett) .

Well one thing led to another and I’m in the article:

Several analysts welcomed Velocity’s move and agreed on the significance of the firm’s pouring 100 percent of its fund into local companies.

Josh Morgan, a principal at Morgan/Dorado Public Relations of El Dorado Hills and a technology specialist, said the $15 million fund is “substantial in the commitment it shows to the Sacramento region and opportunities for growth here.”

“There’s been a strong entrepreneurial commitment in Sacramento for a long time that quite frankly has left the area for (lack of) funding,” Morgan said. “Now there’s been a significant rise in available funding sources in the area. Velocity Venture is definitely a driver of that.”


Barry Hits #756 and the Sacramento Bee Gets on ESPN

I’m a baseball fan and a Giants fan. I’ve also been a long time admirer of Barry Bonds’ skills. I watched tonight’s game, I watch most Giants games when I can, and then SportsCenter. While watching SportsCenter, they had many people commenting on Barry bypassing Hank and then….Marcos Breton from the Sacramento Bee!

Who knew Marcos was THE MAN.

PS – Barry is up there on my list of players that are fun to watch but others are definitely ahead including Derek Jeter in the post-season (this is big for me to say because I can’t stand the Yankees), and even though he’s retired now JT Snow. No matter the situation, the game or the score you could always look at JT and he was doing the right thing (especially in saving Sacramento’s own Darren Baker).

Disclosure – JT Snow’s father, Jack Snow, went to high school with my father in law 😉