Escape Technology Blog Picking up Speed

Back in March I wrote about the blog from Escape Technology that they were using to highlight customers, news etc.

I’ve got them on my feed now and they continue to update with customer pictures and news. This is a great example of a company participating in the conversation!

Here’s a link to their latest post. Simple. Highlighting a customer, and reflects their company culture and the market.

Nope, they aren’t a client. Actually we work with one of their competitors.


This post was paid for….

indirectly of course. I was at a sales conference for a new client, I’ll let you know soon on Monday. At the sales conference, several partners of my client presented seminars on their products. One of the presentations was by NetTrekker. I knew NetTreker from the Apple days, but I have to admit I wasn’t as up to speed on their products as I should be.

So, as part of their seminar they had a trivia contest. First prize was $100. Guess who won?

Yes, some will tell me I should donate this to a needy cause. I’ll be honest, Q4 was slower than anticipated and I’ve got places to put this.

In case you were curious, the answer that put me over the top, Titan.

New MDPR client Freepath Announces $1.5m Series A funding

Well, I told you we’ve been busy with some new clients. One of them I mentioned earlier was Stuart Skorman’s latest venture, another one that I can now tell you about is Freepath. I wrote about Freepath back in April, when I saw John Stone, their CEO, present at the California Tech 100 put on by Golden Capital (yes they are a client too). I know John from his days at PowerSchool, which Apple owned at the time (they have since sold it to Pearson).

Today, Freepath announced $1.5m in Series A funding led by Velocity Venture Capital of Folsom. Also participating in the round were investors from Strategis Early Ventures (based in El Dorado Hills – heck they’re in the same housing development as me), Sierra Angels, and the Sacramento Angels (yes, also a client of Morgan/Dorado).

Here’s a few links to the first stories about the funding, one from VentureBeat (thanks Matt!), and one from the Sacramento Bee. We’ll update with some more as they come in.

New client

We’re working with a new client. It’s an interesting project. It’s a new venture. He’s had a few new ventures. Who is it? His name is Stuart Skorman. What’s the new venture? You’ll find out soon.

He takes chances (albeit measured ones). He tries new things. He’s got passion for what he does. That’s the kind of person we like to work with at Morgan/Dorado.

For a little perspective on Stuart, check out this profile of him from Fortune Small Business in 2004.

Hey look…that’s me!

One of our new clients is being funded by a local venture fund, Velocity Venture Capital, and as a result I was talking to a local reporter who is filling in for the Sacramento Bee’s tech reporter (Clint Swett) .

Well one thing led to another and I’m in the article:

Several analysts welcomed Velocity’s move and agreed on the significance of the firm’s pouring 100 percent of its fund into local companies.

Josh Morgan, a principal at Morgan/Dorado Public Relations of El Dorado Hills and a technology specialist, said the $15 million fund is “substantial in the commitment it shows to the Sacramento region and opportunities for growth here.”

“There’s been a strong entrepreneurial commitment in Sacramento for a long time that quite frankly has left the area for (lack of) funding,” Morgan said. “Now there’s been a significant rise in available funding sources in the area. Velocity Venture is definitely a driver of that.”

Bad picture…good event

Yes, I know the picture is a little blurry. I took it with my new Blackberry Curve 8310 (yes I know it’s not an iPhone – we have one but not for my primary business smartphone).

It doesn’t look that exciting but what we did was. We work with Sacramento Angels, and tonight we opened up one of their meetings for the first time to a member of the media. The meeting and the company presentations were taped for a future segment on “Your Business” on MSNBC.

The taping went well and the meeting was really well attended. Let’s see how the final product looks when it airs in February.

That’s Tony Sica, Sac Angels president, being interviewed.

What does your site say?

Media Orchard by the Idea Grove has an interesting post here, where they use a tool from TagCrowd to see what kind of words are used on major agency sites including Edelman, B-M, H-K, Ogilvy and Ruder Finn. In all fairness they also turn the cameras on themselves.

Of course, I couldn’t resist. The cloud for Morgan/Dorado is below. How do you think we did?

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