Casting stones – all in good fun Thoof vs. Digg

Below is a video produced by a client, Thoof, to illustrate differences between their service and competing service.

It’s all in good fun.

Hope you enjoy.


Thoof and MDPR

We have a new client at Morgan/Dorado! We’re now working with Thoof, the latest idea from Ian Clarke. Think of Thoof like an intelligent Digg. With Thoof, users submit stories and an algorithm learns what you are interested in and presents you with stories that you will most likely find interesting. The more you read and participate the more accurately stories can be presented to you. Users can also ‘fix’ stories that are posted that may be inaccurate by suggesting ‘improvements’ which will then be evaluated and may be added to the original post.

I worked with Ian when he was with Revver (where he was one of the founders) and they were my client at Edelman. It’s great to be working with Ian again!