I always tell people who want to make $$ to hang around me ;-)

Well I do, but it’s kind of a running joke. I’ve been lucky enough to work with quite a few companies that have been acquired for significant sums of money. Some while I was working with them (NetMind), some shortly after (Skype), and now it seems they are coming in a flurry, with EverDream a few weeks ago, and today the news that Homestead was acquired by Intuit. Homestead was a client when I was with Alexander Ogilvy and led to another client at the time. I was in a meeting with Homestead and a new company that hadn’t launched yet and apparently we impressed Ann Ruckstuhl their VP of Marketing. They hired us to help them launch, but we never got to, yep eBay acquired them before they launched.

Homestead is a feel good story. Their CEO drinks milk with every meal and cares about his employees. He started the company while an undergrad at Stanford more than 10 years ago. He talks about the acquisition and why he did it here on his blog. Congratulations Justin.