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Month: September 2020

Never Eat Thou Shrimp

Welcome to our new website! It’s called donteattheshrimp.com and it’s called that for a reason. In this new directory we are going to talk about some of the most interesting things and events that are happening in the HVAC industry as we speak. The average homeowner does not know the intricacies that revolve around the heating and cooling industry, therefore, our one and only main goal is to educate people on how to hire the right AC experts for their commercial and residential properties. It does not matter whether you’re a brand new homeowner who is looking to get comfort into his/her place or a seasoned real estate broker who wants to make sure his properties are well ventilated – we have advice for everyone. We will also be interviewing a vast plethora of amazing HVAC experts across the industry who will be willing to share their knowledge and expertise with our amazing readers. Stay tuned!