Steve Jobs and Clarity in Communication

Image by Mike Evangelist at of SJ prepping for NECC 2001 keynote

I only worked at Apple for a short while, 2001-2004, but while there I learned some incredible lessons in communication.  Many of them were from my direct boss but others I got on the few instances when I was able to work directly with Steve Jobs.

Shortly after I joined Apple I found myself writing a press release to be distributed following a keynote by Jobs at NECC (at the time largest ed tech conference in the US). As it happened I ended up going back and forth a bit with Steve over email on wording in the release.

The paragraph was about Apple’s iBooks and how they had integrated wireless (this was a big deal back then!) and I had written something along the lines of “allows students to learn anywhere.” ┬áSteve responded with “students can always learn anywhere. This frees them from a computer lab”

Thanks Steve.

PS – here’s a link to the release.