What I’m reading in 2015

Throughout the year when I find or hear about a book I might find interesting, I send myself a note with the name of the book.  This is an ongoing email throughout the year that I keep replying to and CC my wife.  Then at Christmas when someone asks my wife what I might like, she sends them the list of books. It works out pretty well and I end up with a nice stack of books to start the year.

Here’s one from 2010, and one from 2011.  Below is the stack I’m diving into for 2015. Most of the below were purchased from our local bookstore, Face In A Book.


  • The Forbidden Game by Dan Washburn – How the growth of once forbidden golf in China is a microcosm for how the country works.
  • One Lucky Bastard – Autobiography of Roger Moore. When I was a kid, he was James Bond and the epitome of a movie star.
  • Destiny of the Republic – Fascinating history of James Garfield.  A president taken way too soon, that could have had a huge impact on our country.
  • Goodbye Darkness – I’m a huge fan of William Manchester (see the next book) and I highly recommend A World Lit Only by Fire, but in this book he writes about his own experiences as a US Marine during WWII and the war in the Pacific.
  • The Last Lion – The first book in a trilogy biography of Winston Churchill. I started with the final of this series, and now go back to the beginning.