Chevy Moving Fast…and stuff

If you saw the trophy presentation following the World Series you would have seen a Chevy spokesman who had too many points to get across while in the presence of the greatness of Madison Bumgarner.

While trying to explain all the features of the Chevy truck that the Giants pitcher would be receiving along with his World Series MVP trophy he referred to “technology and stuff.”  Chevy didn’t miss a beat and today put the below on their site for Chevy Trucks:

Well played.



Cranky Old Man Advice

Last week I was invited to speak with a public relations class at my alma mater. The course is focused on social media for PR majors.  The majority of my time was spent talking about community, engagement and content and the cool work done by my colleagues at Edelman.

I wrapped up with a slide I titled, “Cranky Old Man Advice.”  This advice was a few of the recent LinkedIn statuses I’ve posted over the last few weeks that are basic truths about working in PR.  Now, that I’m about 20 years in, it’s cranky old man advice. Enjoy and let me know if you have your own or disagree with any of the below:


  • Leave behind terms like “reach out” in your correspondence or communication with your clients. say what you actually did. They’ll appreciate it.
  • Handwritten notes go a long way.
  • Please ask yourself, “Who in their right mind would want to watch that video” you just recommended to the client.
  • Tim Cook on Charlie Rose after pointing out that Apple will do $180 billion in sales this year from a product line that could fit on his famous round table, “It’s easy to add. It’s hard to edit.“
  • When in a business meeting don’t refer to clients as ‘you guys.’