I work at a PR agency.  We work with a lot of clients.  Some of the clients are the type that warm your heart, and some aren’t. They aren’t “bad,” they just don’t provide the extra satisfaction of the “social good.”  (Yes, at this point one can make the case that as long as companies don’t hurt people they are doing a social good by providing a service, creating jobs, creating wealth that can be used for good etc., but that’s secondary here.)

So, by day, yes I do get the chance to sometimes work on things that are truly good, and other times I’m just helping sell stuff. For balance, I give back with what I know how to do, that’s marketing and writing.  This weekend, I spent some time helping write the opening remarks for a run to raise money to help stop sex trafficking in our area.

Find your balance, give back with what you know how to do, and feel good.


One thought on “Balance.

  1. Tonight I spent the evening meeting with the Board of Directors and commitee for the YMCA in Plainfield, Illinois. Being part of this commitee has reminded me of the important things in life. This is a nice reminder to give back without ever expecting anything in return, but because it is the right thing to do. Thank you Josh and Sheri for all you do outside of your busy family and professional life. You are a great example for other busy families!

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