Three Pieces of Advice for Those About to Get Their First Job


Last month I wrote about helping students at Pacific find their story to prep for their first job interviews.  I was back this month as part of a panel of alumni hosted by the Pacific American Marketing Association and the Eberhardt School of Business on tips for helping students find that first job.

At the end of the panel we were asked if we had any last pieces of advice to share.  I had three:

  • Be professionally curious – Always keep learning. Especially at your first job. If someone gives you something to copy, read it. If you are searching articles for mentions of a client or competitor, read the articles, don’t just do keyword searches.
  • Find inspiration outside of work – I work in a semi-creative industry, where I’m writing a lot, and increasingly helping pair images and stories.  To stay inspired, I look outside of marketing and PR.  I love museums, have a pile of art books that I look at, and follow Instagram accounts that are inspiring visually.
  • Give back – I was at my alma mater, and to be honest for the first ten years after I graduated I didn’t contribute very much to the community.  Now, I try and help out students when I can by sharing my experiences, acting as a mentor and when possible pointing students in the direction of jobs.

What are your three pieces of advice for those just getting started?


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