Folsom Lake is Really, Really Low And Right Now You Can Walk in Gold Rush History

This isn’t a PR-related post. It’s a reminder to check out cool things around you post.  We live about four miles from Folsom Lake.  During the summer, we have a ski boat in a slip there.  The lake is formed by a dam across the American River.  It is currently at 22% capacity.  When the lake is this low, you can visit remains of the old gold rush town of Mormon Island that was flooded when the lake was built.

Pretty much everything you see below is normally at least fifty feet underwater.  If you are near Sacramento, go check it out.

Looking north into Folsom Lake from Brown’s Ravine.
The “Natoma Ditch,” which was begun in 1851 to funnel water for gold mining.
Amazing rock wall that I believe was part of a dairy.
Detail showing the craftmanship of the rock wall.
Artifacts found and piled by others on a piece of the foundation.


IMG_0168Some of the old articles I have found, point to this being either the remains of the Red Bank Winery or a dairy.



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