Buying local, supporting art and doing more

This Christmas most of the gifts given and received by my family were created by or bought from someone local.  One of these has a bit of a story behind it.

Let’s start with Maude.  Maude is our yellow lab. Here’s a picture of Maude that I took this Summer at Sea Ranch on the Sonoma coast.

MaudeSeaRanchNow fast forward a bit and my stepmother asked my wife for a copy of the photo.  We weren’t sure why, until on Christmas morning we opened:

MaudeLeeWrightThe painting was by an artist from Chico named Lee Wright.  At first glance, it’s a dog painting.  But there’s more.  Lee is using art to move forward from being homeless.  Through commissions, he has now moved into his own housing and continues to create.  If you would like to support Lee, go to Art Etc, in Chico or find Lee on Facebook. Who knows maybe you’ll find something else there too.


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