Davis-based ShoppingScout.com Nails Their Description

One of the hardest things for many startups is describing what they do and the value they provide in a way that is easily understood.

A Sacbee.com profile of local company ShoppingScout.com showed that they nailed it:


“When Kenneth Ouimet sets out to explain the purpose of ShoppingScout.com, his explanation is so simple: It will help people save time, save money and live better by telling them exactly where they can find the lowest prices on groceries they want to buy.”

Well done ShoppingScout team, well done.


I’m a fan of vintage watches.  My daily watch is an Omega Seamaster from the early 60’s.  Last week on a plane the movie was “The Internship.”  At the beginning of the movie, the protagonists are watch salesmen who realize the market for their product has evaporated.  I hope that is not the case.

I wear a watch everyday, there’s a picture of one of them below.  If you like vintage watches, you’ ll love this profile of HQMilton from the SF Chronicle.