Challenge when they stop their dribble


I’ve been helping out as an assistant coach for the soccer team of one of my daughters.  One of the things we’ve been working on is when defenders should step up and challenge an opposing player with the ball who is approaching the goal.  This seems easy right? It’s their job to defend the goal so they should go out and stop anyone who is approaching. The problem is when they go out to challenge and ‘get beat,’ or the offensive player gets by them there is no one left to defend the goal.  This happens way too often, usually because the players are moving in opposite directions and and all it takes is a slight shift to the left or the right and the dribbler blows past the defender who is now heading in the wrong direction.

We’re trying to address this with ‘challenge their stop.’ Wait back in your defensive position until they stop their dribble. When their momentum stops, move up right on them and stay close so they can’t move forward easily.

This strategy works well for soccer, basketball and business.  When you see them stop their dribble, get in there and challenge.



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