Who’s your data?

We’re years into this and still the most common refrain I hear from companies about social media is “well we don’t have that much to talk about yadda, yadda, yadda.”


In 2011, I used LinkedIn as an example of doing this well when they created their “list of top CEO names,” that was derived from the data their users have entered into their system. They’ve done it again with a list of the “top 10 in demand tech startups.” This isn’t created by asking people who they are intereted in, it’s by looking at data and seeing what people are searching for across their site.  I love this, because it removes the construct of people answering what they think they should be interested in, as opposed to what engineers are actually searching for etc.

Beyond the useful data piece there are several other factors about this strategy that are awesome:

  • the name drop – there are about 20 total companies listed on the infographic, and you can bet that employees and management of all of them will be sharing this across LinkedIn and other social media; which
  • Gives the content its boost. When creating something for social media, a necessary question to ask is, “Who is going to share this?”  Sometimes it’s passionate users, sometimes its people who are easily entertained, but in this case, the name drop took care of it.

Take a look at the graphic below, stop whining, and go find the story in your data.


Do you have dragon skulls? No? Then you aren’t trying hard enough

Quite often in planning discussions lately I findmyself asking people to think bigger.  Sometime’s it’s as simple as just thinking beyond the tactics to strategy, or thinking beyond your client to an industry.

Other times, it is literally thinking of bigger things that you can do, build or say. In the case of UK-based Taylor Herring,  they keep going bigger, from a 12 foot Mr. Darcy in a pond;


to a dragon skull on a beach to promote Game of Thrones. A GIANT DRAGON SKULL!  That’s big.

Next time you’re in meeting and people are throwing out ideas, challenge them to find THE DRAGON SKULL!