Guerilla Marketing for Tech Startups or PR Hacks

Photo by Adam Kalsey
Photo by Adam Kalsey

I recently moderated a panel of local Sacramento startup founders on guerilla marketing and what we called PR hacks.  How to breakthrough and get the word out without breaking the bank.

Along the way we talked about the use of faux-protests, by when they launched, Oreo’s recent a cappella flash mobs across New York and heard from people on the front lines of making people learn about their business including:

The whole panel runs about an hour and can be viewed on the Social Media Club Sacramento channel on Ustream.  if you don’t want to watch the whole thing here’s a few tips from the panelists:

  • Sure, it’s fun to blow things up, but if you are going to do a stunt make sure it maps back to what you are trying to show about your product;
  • If you can’t be good, be really, really bad. Example, don’t go halfway at a trade show. Stand out, at either end of the spectrum;
  • If you’re measuring, don’t be afraid to try something risky. If you see a positive result, do it again; and
  • Be a source of information for reporters before you ask them to write about you.




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