If you really believe in something it is much easier to talk about it


Bill Gates. Image from NPR.org

I’ve probably heard hundreds of Bill Gates interviews over the years.  In many of them, he was somewhat awkward, sometimes combative and sometimes he jsut walked out when interviews didn’t go his way.

While driving home tonight, I heard Bill Gates being interviewed on NPR about trying to help eradicate polio (note he gives incredible kudos to Rotary International for their amazing strides in this cause).  His passion for this cause surpassed anything I’ve heard him talk about in those hundreds of interviews.  Accordingly he spoke more convincingly than at any time I’ve experienced.

If you have problems as a public speaker, find out why.  Apparently for Bill Gates, it’s because he cares a lot more about keeping kids from becoming paralyzed than he does about making more software. After hearing him tonight, I’m on board with wherever he is going.


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