You don’t have to count on the press any more

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One of the byproducts of the democratization of online content publishing is that anyone can easily publish and share their own information.  This is true if you are an individual, a company, or a politician.

The “owned” channel of communication including a blog, or other social channels makes direct communication possible without having to work with the media to transmit news or a message.

According to a recent segment from “On the Media,” from NPR, “frustration is growing in the White House press corps because of limited access to the “transparency” president. Bob goes to the White House to find out how the role of the press corps is changing under this media savvy administration.”

Listen to the whole segment about frustration in the White House press corps, then go out and see how you can better communicate directly with your audiences.


Note the irony of when I listened to the segment from On The Media, it was sponsored by Squarespace.


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