Customer Service For The Win! Verbena in El Dorado Hills



I thought I was ahead of the game. I called on Tuesday February 12th to order flowers from Verbena in El Dorado Hills for my wife on Valentine’s Day.  I figured I would stop by on my way home on the 13th and pick them up. Put them in the fridge in the garage on Wednesday night and boom, I’m good to go with flowers when she wakes up.

As sometimes happens, I was a little late getting out of the office and wasn’t going to make it.  While driving, I received a call asking if I was going to make it before they closed. I said probably not. They offered to wait for me, but given traffic I said, thank you but I’ll pick them up tomorrow.

Well, tomorrow is today and I’m running late again.  While driving from Sacramento to El Dorado Hills, I’m on a conference call and see that the florist calls again.  It’s well past their closing time when I roll in to the parking lot and all the lights are off.  At that moment, when I’m rolling through the options of picking through the carnage that would be left at Safeway at 6 pm on Valentine’s Day, a message pops up on my phone.

It was the florist. They had left the flowers out for me and told me where they were.  Just stop by or call and pay us when you can.  I had never been there before. Never bought anything from them.  They now have a customer for life.  Well done Verbena.



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