Find your voice, find your speech, find your farmer. Dodge had the best ad of Super Bowl 47 in 2013


I was lucky enough to grow up in two worlds. One world was one of big cities and big business with part of my family that ran a company known worldwide. The other was where I lived and included small businesses on main street and quite often ‘farmers.’

In our town, the ‘farmers’ often owned rice farms and the people who ran them were special in that they worked hard every day at the core of their business. Not so different than millions of others across our country who run businesses, but they are.

Just a few weeks ago, I spoke with a group that puts on county and state fairs across the western United States.  Their core audience if you will, are farmers. People who every day choose to continue a business that isn’t glamourous, isn’t flashy yet every day provides them with opportunity to be their own boss, and put their family, and often their community on their shoulders every morning when they walk out of the house to work before the sun comes up.

There were several interesting, and funny, advertising spots during the Super Bowl, but only one caused our whole party to stop and listen.

Some people stopped because they recognized the voice of Paul Harvey (although most couldn’t place it), and others stopped because the sound was different than other ads (because it came from a speech given in 1978 to the Future Farmers of America Convention), but it stopped me because it was real.   I believe that the hard work done by farmers is at the core of their brand.

Dodge makes trucks for work. It’s what they do. Their ad represented the work we all want to do.  God made a farmer, and The Richards Group made one heck of an ad for Dodge.

Beyond this being an incredible advertising spot it shows the strength of self-published content. What does that mean?  The internet has changed the world of needing to buy a 30 second segment for millions of dollars or talk a newspaper reporter into writing about your company.  You see, the greatest commercial of this years Super Bowl came from a video created by with a selection of still images and an old speech.

Find that voice. Find the old speech..and remind people why you are important.


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