Find the story. Huell Howser did, and California benefited.

Find the story.  This is a mantra that editors have driven into the heads of reporters for years, and I have always tried to do when working with clients.  Huell Howser was a master at finding the story. It wasn’t always earth shattering, but it was usually interesting.

Howser said, “If you have a good story, it doesn’t have to be overproduced. I want our stories to reveal the wonders of the human spirit and the richness of life in California, including its history, people, culture and natural wonders.”

I’m a fifth generation Californian. I love stories about California, its places, its history and its people Huell found more of them than anyone else. Like many other Californians, I had the opportunity to meet Huell a few times over the years.  The most recent was when I was speaking at a conference for the Western Fairs Association and Huell was there in his role developing a series on local fairs across the state called “California’s Golden Fairs.”

I got to meet Huell, spent a few minutes talking with him and he gave me a hat.



The coolest thing about the hat?



That’s my story, and it is AMAZING!

Thanks Huell.

Also, if you’re curious about all of the places Huell visited across California, check out this amazing map, “Where’s Huell.”



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