You can’t choose your quotes, so say something interesting

Over the last several years, I’ve participated in a number of forums and panel discussions about social media.  I try and be entertaining as well as informative in these arenas and as a result sometimes make statements that can seem sensationalistic.  Last week, I was discussing social media and its inherent risks for businesses on a panel hosted by The Sacramento Business Journal.  I talked about the risks of ignoring online communities and discussions. The risks inherent in having a social media policy focused on telling employees what they can’t do, and the risk of not training employees how to use social media to help the company.  I said all of these things and what was the quote that led in the article?

Social media “allows people to amplify their stupidity,” Morgan noted.

This doesn’t mean that the reporter should not have used the quote, it means that if you say something interesting, someone is going to write about it.  Go out and say something interesting.


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