What communication folks can learn from Adam Savage’s toolbox

I’m a huge fan of Mythbusters and you can tell by how many times I’ve written about them on this blog. One of the things I love about the show is the enthusiasm that the hosts have for what they do. This enthusiasm manifests itself as a constant desire to do things better, more efficiently and yes, with bigger explosions.

This post isn’t about explosions, but it’s about something I just learned from an article in Wired about Adam Savage’s toolbox. Yes, his toolbox. Adam’s toolbox is based on an old leather doctor’s bag, but re-imagined in aluminum with scissor legs to bring it up to working level.  All of which is very cool, but the coolest thing about it to me is the design concept that drives the interior that Adam describes as “first-order retrievability,” which means that he doesn’t have to move any tool to get to another.

Image from Wired.com

This is an incredibly important concept for a communication professional, not needing to move something to be able to get to what you need as quickly and efficiently as possible.  When putting together a communications strategy, think of first-order retrievability, and determine if you will be able to get to any information that you may need. Once you have that, you’re ready to move forward, and who knows, maybe you can even add scissor legs to your comms plan while you’re at it.



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