Agency Lessons from Mad Men episode 511 – “The Other Woman” – Don’t Be A Pimp

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I haven’t been documenting all of the agency lessons from Mad Men on AMC this season but there was one in episode 511, “The Other Woman,” that I had to touch.

This seems pretty straightforward, “Don’t be a pimp.”  This sounds easy but in the real world we aren’t often asked to have a colleague sleep with a prospective client as was asked of Pete Campbell in regards to Joan Harris to secure the Jaguar account.  We might be asked to do something else that goes against our morals or even just against our gut.

When money is being waved at you, it’s sometimes may seem easy to bend your code to make something happen.  It’s not worth it.  In my experience, it will come back to you. Maybe not right away, but it will bite you.  If you need more support, just listen to the advice of the “narrator,” in “True Romance,” “Every pimp in the world gets shot.”  In this case, given Pete’s foreshadowing with guns this season, I wouldn’t bet against it.


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