Spellcheck isn’t enough….

It’s always just one more set of eyes that will catch something when you are writing and editing.  So always ask, one more person to take a look at something that has been written.  Spellcheck? No, don’t count on it, as it doesn’t take into account many, many things like if a word is incorrectly spelled but spelled in a way that makes it another word.

In college I took several public relations courses. In one of these classes, we had a final project where we put on a event and “owned,” a theme night at the Stockton Ports, a local minor league baseball team.  As part of the planning, t-shirts were created for “staff,” that included a mention of the class hosting the event, which was the “Public Relations Administration – Spring……”   The shirts were ordered, logos were checked and when picked up the morning of the event read, “Publuc Relations…..”  Now, this was a single line on a busy back of the shirt.  Good? Not even close, but “Public,” has many unfortunate ways it can be incorrectly spelled.

Take a look at the Twitter feed from this weekend from the LBJ School of Public Affairs at UT-Austin:

Wow! What could have prompted that?  One of the other, “unfortunate,” incorrect spellings of “public,”:

Image from JimRomenesko.com

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