The Kings Know Social Media (the OTHER Kings)

I’ve written before about how the Kings use social media well, with their great use of +1 for information.  This time I’m talking about voice, and the OTHER Kings.  This is the LA Kings.  Now, I’m not a hockey fan, so I haven’t been following the LA Kings Twitter feed, but apparently Deadspin has and they are impressed.  In going to check it out, I am too. The below Tweet and quick comment is from Deadspin.

The fans here look pretty bummed they haven’t been able to wave their pom poms.

— LA Kings (@LAKings) May 16, 2012

This is damn near the perfect tweet. It uses access—a dispatch from a road game—to gently sass the opposing fans.

This isn’t the only on.  This is the latest tweet:

#LAKings have outscored their opponents 37-17 in the #StanleyCup Playoffs (13-5 in the 1st, 13-4 in the 3rd). So there’s that.

It’s got a little attitude, but most importantly they are speaking in a voice the fans can relate to.  That’s what we all shoot for, finding that voice.  According to the article it’s run by “Pat Donahue, 27, the Kings’ digital media coordinator, who co-writes the Twitter account with Dewayne Hankins, 31, the Kings’ director of digital media.”

Pat and DeWayne, take a bow. Everyone else, take notes and follow these guys.


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