If you’ve got bee problems in Sacramento call Paul

A few days ago we noticed several bees flying around above the front door of our house.  A few bees…no problem, but this was more swarm like.  We’ve had swarms show up in an oak tree in our front yard before, and they usually move on in a few hours.  This time, they didn’t. They were setting up shop in the wall of our house.

This is what it looked like out the window. That’s a lot of bees.

We ended up calling several local “bee removal”  folks and went with Master Pest Patrol and Paul Baumeister.  I can’t recommend this guy highly enough.  He was on time, very professional, and ended up actually costing about 30% below his initial estimate.

You see from the outside we weren’t sure exactly where the bees were building their hive and thought that it might need to be accessed by cutting a hole from the inside of the house.  Now, since, this at the roof line and our entry way is pretty tall, this would be a big job. Here’s a look at the inside of that wall.  See that window at the top? It’s above that.

When Paul got here and took a closer look, he was able to get to the bees by just removing a piece of the framing, OK, not sure if that’s the right term, perhaps the edging right below the roof line.

When he was up on that ladder, this is what he saw:

Yes, that is three separate pieces of honeycomb you see there that the bees created within 3-5 days.

The estimate was that there were maybe 5,000 bees here, which is apparently a smaller group.

Once they were removed, the single piece of wood can now be replaced. So, if you are in Sacramento and a whole bunch of bees show up at your house, call this guy.


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