How the NY Times tells a story with visuals

A few months ago I was discussing an upcoming graphic assignment with a client, and they said, “I’m not sure exactly what I want, but look at what the NY Times does. I want something like that.”

I just ran across an awesome short from gestalten tv. I found it on Laughing Squid, and they were referred to it by Om Malik.

A few of the points that jumped out at me:

  • According to one editor, “We always have to defend the value of the space we need.”
  • “You can’t make a great graphic unless you have great material.” Amen.
  • At about 3:30 there’s a great sequence on the building of graphic material to support breaking news
  • Does the Times have a visual style book? No, but “There’s a visual language at the Times,  but it is there is no law that governs what that visual language is. There’s just an agreement among the designers here about what works well and is clear.”

Very well done.  Check it out:


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