Weber and Home Depot, yes Home Depot, show me the value of real customer service

I am a fan of customer service.  Real customer service is often discussed, but in my mind rarely exhibited.  There’s been a lot of talk recently how ‘customer service is the new marketing.” Sure, it is. Everyone talks about it, but when it really experienced, it can be transformative for the consumer and for their friends.

I grill outside a lot.   I use a Weber Summit Gold grill that was given to me as a gift from my wife eight years ago. This is a nice grill, that if I remember correctly cost approximately $1,000, when she bought it for me for my birthday.  She bought it at a local Weber ‘dealer.’ and I was thankful.  I cook on it regularly and those that know me, know I use it for grilling and smoking several times per week.

This is my grill:

Using my grill several times per week, apparently led to both the ignighter and to the burners getting used up.

You can imagine my sadness, when I was unable to use my grill any longer due to the burners being unable to any longer being able to transfer propane, thank you Hank Hill.  I first went to the ‘dealer,’ where my wife bought the grill. I was told that “we don’t carry those any more, but maybe if you go on their web site, you can order it.”  Not, maybe let us do it for you for you, or here’s what to do.

Next, I went to Home Depot to try and see if they maybe had an interim fix, such as a universal burner I could buy and put in.  This is where I experienced my first level of true customer service.  I went to the BBQ aisle and ran into a customer service rep where I explained what I was looking for.  He said, that they don’t carry the burner and ignighter, but try calling Weber directly, and if the grill was less than ten years old, they would probably replace it.

I called Weber, provided the serial number from the grill, and with no further questions beyond my address recieved:

That is two boxes that included a brand new ignighter and two new burners:

There were three separate things that happened here:

– a ‘dealer’ didn’t know that they could have made me happy by telling me the options available to me;

– an employee at Home Depot didn’t make a sale, but provided exceptional customer service;  and

– Weber took care of a customer, and subsequently has made a customer for life.’

So, thank you Weber, and thank you Home Depot.


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