When you’re looking to sell via social media, think “plus one,” the Kings do

Social media is not the place for the hard sell.  People have a choice on whether to pay attention to you, follow you, share information you create, and ultimately whether to spend their money with you.

With this is mind, lots of businesses use social media to help them sell more stuff, services etc.  If you spend all your time as a business pushing people to buy, they’re going to walk away. One of the general rules to think about is that at least 80% of what you put out there should be of interest to or of value to your audience, with around 20% of the things you share focused on trying to move your business forward.  This ratio may fluctuate a bit up or down depending on your business or your audience.

One way to make the most of the 80/20 rule of social media is to go a step further with something called “plus one.”  With this idea, even when you are within that 20% of trying to get people to buy something, give them one thing that is entertaining, interesting or of value.  The Sacramento Kings do a great job of this on their Facebook page.

Below is a post from March 5, 2012, where the Kings are looking to sell 2,000 more tickets to the upcoming game against the Dallas Mavericks.  The post didn’t say, “Hey buy tickets!”

Image from http://www.facebook.com/sacramentokings

The Kings gave their fans, a game by removing the player in the shot and replacing him with “Who Am I,” and then in the caption said that there were tickets available to the game and provided a link to buy tickets.  This is a great example of a simple way to hep use social media to build community, while still making money.


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