Telling stories – tips from Andrew Stanton

As a professional communicator, it’s my job to tell stories.  They aren’t always exciting stories, although sometimes they are, but I get paid to take something and make people care about it.

Andrew Stanton gets paid to tell stories as well, albeit on a bigger stage than I, and with considerably more skill.  Last month at the TED Conference, he gave a TEDTalk on storytelling.  I recommend you watch the whole thing, it’s 19 minutes and starts with an amazingly well told, and yes profane joke.

A few notes that I pulled out of it that stuck with me:

  •  storytelling is joke telling…it’s knowing your punch line, your ending, knowing everything from your first line to your last is working towards single goal; 
  • Storytelling commandment:  Make me care;
  • All good stories should give you a promise that they are leading you somewhere that is worth your time; and
  • The unifying theory of 2+2: make the audience put things together.

I came across this on, which is an amazingly entertaining site about everything, which I highly recommend, but also recommend you go spend some time watching other TedTalks, you never what you’re going to learn.


2 thoughts on “Telling stories – tips from Andrew Stanton

  1. Thanks Walt! Always great to hear from you. Everyone if you’re looking for someone who knows how to make, compose and teach music, Walt is your guy!

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