Words matter: Whether talking, writing, or looking for a job – Preptel helps

If you’re writing, speaking or looking for a job, words matter.  Beyond making sure words are spelled correctly, or used properly, it now makes a huge difference if you choose the wrong, or right words to include in your resume.  This is primarily due to the rise of the use of applicant tracking systems or ATS’ by companies to filter out resumes.

ATS look for specific key words that relate to skills or experience suited to a specific job opportunity.  How do you know if you’re using the right words to cut through the system and get your resume noticed?  Try using a service like Preptel’s Resumeter Pro.

Image from CIO.com

CIO Magazine recently reviewed Resumeter, see what they thought, and see if a service like Resumeter Pro is right for you.  IN case you’re curious, no Preptel isn’t a client of mine, but the company was founded by one of my best friends and I think they are on to something great.


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