Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition! And don’t expect everyone to understand your sense of humor


And nobody should quote Monty Python in an official response when you are a spokesperson for a government agency.

There’s been lots of times when I’ve started to type something at work that I thought was funny, but then stopped when I reminded myself of the advice I often give in my classes, “Comedy is hard, leave it to the professionals.”

According to the article in The Oklahoman:

The agency Thursday issued an email seeking nominations for awards for a tornado preparedness seminar in Oklahoma City next month. The email said the Insurance Commissioner’s Award would be “presented to the girl with the biggest t – – -.”

Media members and insurance industry officials were among those who received the email. The agency issued a “corrected and authorized” version about 30 minutes later, then issued an apology for the original version.

The above was taken from an episode of Monty Python’s Flying Circus. Yes, it was in incredibly poor taste, and showed terrible judgment, but I’ve got to hand it to him for his responses:

  • When it became clear what had happened, Craven said he told agency officials that they “might need to call the Greyhound bus and … throw me under it and take care of this.”

Craven said he doesn’t know what he’ll do next. “Maybe just wait and see if (Monty Python member) John Cleese follows me on Twitter,” he said.

I’m one generation removed from Oklahoma, and knowing my father grew up there, and his affinity for Monty Python, now I know why he didn’t precede me into communications.  In the meantime, please remember, “Comedy is hard, please leave it to the professionals.”


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