While we were talking social media last night, Kings fans WERE MAKING IT HAPPEN with social media

Last night I was at a meeting of the Sacramento Social Media Club. We were talking about how social media has been used, misused and even sometimes abused by large companies as part of a panel on “Social Media Horror Stories.” Little did we know that while we were talking about horror stories, there was a fairy tale taking place in Sacramento for Kings fans on social media.

It all started with a tweet from @sacgirl88:

Yes, the @DonteGreeneCOS is THE Donte Greene of the Sacramento Kings. He’s active on Twitter and always engaging with fans and other NBA players.

Donte seemed to like the idea and sent out a tweet of his own, and called out a few of his friends to see if they would be up for it:

That was a little gasoline on the fire and it grew into a discussion today on Carmichael Dave’s radio show on KHTK.  I caught this last night when I got home and asked my friend Nancy Daley about it today and she summed it up:

Well….. apparently last night someone, I think sacgirl88 (Amy), tweeted something to the effect of “Hey dontegreeneCOS, how about an exhibition game in Sacramento?” and Donte saw it and said “OK!”.

Then BOOM went Twitter.

Everyone thinks this would be awesome…. Grab Carmichael Dave and get him involved. Get Jiffy Lube involved. Where can we have it? Sac State? UC Davis? UOP? Stockton Arena? Memorial Auditorium? Who do we get? (commence everyone @-ing every NBA player) Demarcus, JT and John Wall immediately say yes…. In otherwords, BOOM goes Twitter.

In about 2 hours.

I said I’d help out. Kevin Fippin and Ed Montes and and and all the HereWeStay/HereWeBuild people are in and happy to help….

Dave tweets that he was able to get over a major hurdle, let’s get this thing on. Donte is going to be on his show the next day (today)….. It’s a runaway train.

But it’s ON!

Donte calls in (he’s back home doing the Dad Thing right now) and says he’ll be back in town to promote it and he’d like to start selling tickets on Nov. 1.

I love social media and the power it gives people!  So, whether or not you like basketball I don’t care, lets #MakeItHappen!


2 thoughts on “While we were talking social media last night, Kings fans WERE MAKING IT HAPPEN with social media

  1. Isn’t it amazing how fast this went from a tweet to a plan?!! I caught the discussion in the twitter stream last night around 10 pm after SMCSAC event. So exciting to see how far it went in less than 24 hours!

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