In praise of another Steinman

This past weekend, one of my daughters and I participated in the Sacramento Archives Crawl where we learned more about her great, great, great grandfather, B.U. Steinman who was an early businessman in Sacramento and served as mayor in the 1890s.

Image from NY Times

Today, another Steinman, Dr. Ralph Steinman, I don’t think we’re related to him, was awarded the Nobel Prize for his work with dendritic cells that he believed were instrumental in helping white bood cells attack infection.  This was leading to advances in therapy for those with cancer, including Dr. Steinman, who lost his fight with cancer on Friday. 

I heard his son interviewed on NPR this evening on my way home, and he talked about the extra years that his father had, because of therapies created as a result of his lifetime work.  When asked if this was a surreal experience, his son said,”We spent the weekend grieving his loss. And now, we are able to celebrate his life and these amazing accomplishments and this great honor. But surreal is a good word.”

Grieving, then celebration. I like that.  Thank you Dr. Steinman.


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