Using video to show off your product – Watch Texas Armoring Do It Right

Screen cap from


Video is an incredible tool to show how your product works. It allows people to see and hear your product in action, while also playing very nicely with search engines and improving your findability.  Not all products or services lend themselves to great video, but thanks to Jalopnik, today I found one that does, extremely well.

Texas Armoring is based in San Antonio Texas and makes armored cars and related products.  Their customers trust them that the products they sell will literally save their life.  Looks like Trent Kimball, the CEO of Texas Armoring, trusts his products as well since he stood behind his product while an employee shot at it with an Ak-47.

Here’s a link to the video of Trent Kimball sitting behind his bulletproof glass since I can’t embed it here.  A few things to note about the video:

  • It’s short, all the action is done within one minute six seconds
  • It’s single topic
  • It’s personal, there are real people who say their names
  • It has a little humor, especially with the ending statement
  • They used multiple cameras so they only, theoretically, had to shoot (couldn’t resist) it once

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