The Circle of Life..Never Burn Bridges..

Insert your own cliche’, but the main point is that I’m back at Edelman.  Morgan/Dorado was an incredible five year ride of entrepreneurship, adventure and creating something new.  I’ll always be an entrepreneur and now I’m part of the most innovative division at the world’s leading PR firm.

Thank you to everyone who was supportive of us during the last five years, I hope to keep working with you all over the next 20.


Get busy living or get busy dying

The advice above was from The Shawshank Redemption but it can also be applied to business.

I’ve been playing Scramble by Zynga on Facebook just about since it launched so imagine my surprise when I saw this:

You think I’m kidding about playing a lot of Scramble?

Please note that I lose alot. I don’t know if there are extenuating circumstances regarding why Scramble (ahem Scrabble..cough) is being killed, but Zynga has recently moved Words With Friends over to FB an integrated it closely with their mobile version.  Whether forced or not, Zynga is moving forward and remember when faced with a big choice, get busy living or get busy dying.

What I learned, what I think about and what I hope to never have to do

Tonight my wife and I had dinner with two other couples.  The husband of one of the couples is a pilot for a major airline, and the wife is a flight attendant.  Given the date, the discussion turned to September 11 and our various thoughts and some of our memories. I didn’t ask them too much about that day as I figured they would share what they wanted to.  As it turns out, one of them was on layover and sleeping in a foreign city when everything happened that day ten years ago. So I don’t have inside information about that day. What I do have in what I learned.

I first wrote about this in 2007 when I said “on this day I miss a friend and mentor.”

In 2009 I first wrote about what I learned from that day when I said. “do something.” In the spring of 2001, my wife and I were at a wedding in Idaho.  It was a fully choreographed weekend-long event, this happens when one of the people getting married works in event planning.  On the way to one of the events, I was on a bus next to a man and we were talking and he had been on a plane that was highjacked in the Middle East in the late 70’s.  They were hostages on a runway for about 20 hours and he talked about how they were told to just sit tight and everything would work out.  At the time the thinking was that most highjackings were about getting somewhere or getting paid a ransom.  This all changed in 2001.

So, please remember those that died on September 11, 2001, think about how the world has changed and if something terrible happens, think about what you would do.


LinkedIn Once Again Shows How You Use What You Have to Make News

In May I wrote about finding what you have to talk about by using data that you have using LinkedIn as an example. Their data showing the most popular names for CEOs was interesting, great water cooler/Twitter/Facebook talk fodder and was easy to understand.  They did it again today with using their data to find out where entrepreneurs come from.  They broke it down by where they went to school, where they live, companies where they have worked and how old they are.

This time they went beyond a list and created an infographic:

Image from

Take a look at what you have and I’ll bet you can find something to talk about.

Using video to show off your product – Watch Texas Armoring Do It Right

Screen cap from


Video is an incredible tool to show how your product works. It allows people to see and hear your product in action, while also playing very nicely with search engines and improving your findability.  Not all products or services lend themselves to great video, but thanks to Jalopnik, today I found one that does, extremely well.

Texas Armoring is based in San Antonio Texas and makes armored cars and related products.  Their customers trust them that the products they sell will literally save their life.  Looks like Trent Kimball, the CEO of Texas Armoring, trusts his products as well since he stood behind his product while an employee shot at it with an Ak-47.

Here’s a link to the video of Trent Kimball sitting behind his bulletproof glass since I can’t embed it here.  A few things to note about the video:

  • It’s short, all the action is done within one minute six seconds
  • It’s single topic
  • It’s personal, there are real people who say their names
  • It has a little humor, especially with the ending statement
  • They used multiple cameras so they only, theoretically, had to shoot (couldn’t resist) it once