Are you going to DeLay or go full Nolte?

The celebrity mugshot is a standard of Internet sharing.  There are sites dedicated to just showing celebrity mug shots, and whether you are a celebrity or not, if you have a mug shot taken, odds are it’s always going to be one of the first image results for people searching for you online for a long time.

Should you find yourself having a mug shot taken here’s a little advice:

  • If you have the opportunity, try and clean yourself up a bit;
  • Straighten your hair;
  • Button your shirt; and
  • Smile
Wait, what?  Yes, smile.  A goal should be to make the mug shot look as little like a mug shot as possible, so if someone stumbles across it, they don’t immediately think mug shot.  Take a look at John Edwards recent mug shot:
Image from
When this was released earlier this week, I sent a link via Twitter and a friend responded that he had been hoping that Edwards was going to go “full Nolte,” referring to Nick Nolte’s infamous photo:
Image from
But alas, Senator Edwards chose to go on DeLay, inspired by former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, who chose to smile for his mug shot when convicted of money laundering and conspiracy to commit money laundering:
Image from
Now, take a look at the official photo of Tom Delay from the 2005 Congressional Pictorial Directory:
There’s a not a huge difference. So, if you find yourself in bad situation, try for a little DeLay and a little less of going “full Nolte.”

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