Farewell Oprah

image from Oprah.com

The Oprah Winfrey show has been a staple of daytime talk for 25 years.  Careers have been made, lost, re-made, and yes lost again her couch.  The story of Oprah creating one of the world’s strongest brands is amazing and I congratulate her on a truly amazing job. Now with all due respect, I say good riddance.  This isn’t because I don’t think she makes some amazing products, it’s because I will no longer have to listen to a potential client ask if I can help them get on the Oprah show.

I jokingly, OK, half-jokingly, had an Oprah criterion as part of my new business process where if a potential client asked if we could get them on the Oprah show, it was usually a deal breaker. The reason was that many of these potential clients didn’t offer products for the consumer and the desire to be on Oprah demonstrated a desire to be famous rather than successful.  It also demonstrated a lack of understanding about reaching their potential customers. I’d like to think that this presented a learning opportunity, but usually it didn’t.

With that in mind, I just may open up a bottle and toast Oprah on her final show.


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