Lesson: Never apologize for the size of your office

I started Morgan/Dorado in the guest bedroom of our home in 2006.  In 2007 we moved into a suite of offices. We had our own conference room, four offices, a reception area, the whole nine yards all wrapped into 840 square feet. My thought was that clients could meet me there, the folks who work with me would want to work from the office, it would be a peach.

Fast forward two years.  90% of the time, it’s just me there. Client meetings at the office are maybe once a month and the contractors who work with me, never come there to work. So I moved into a smaller office.

Here it is:

And from the other side:

Instead of a complete space that was all mine, now I have an office in a shared building.  There is a conference room available to me, I just have to reserve it in advance.

Clients still visit me, maybe still once a month.  Usually we meet in the conference room, which I reserve ahead of time, but sometimes in my office.  Since we moved into this smaller space I’ve been a little self-conscious of it.  This week, a client came to visit and took  a seat, and we started talking. I mentioned about the tight quarters and apologized for how small the space was.  He got very serious, and said “Never apologize for the size of your office. I hired you for the work you do, not for how much you spend on rent.”

Very good point. Lesson learned.  Never apologize for the size of your office. They can see how big it is themselves.


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