We are going to change your minds! Why do people announce their PR campaigns?

In 2007, I wrote about the Kings and the Maloofs announcing their attempt to win back the hearts of fans. Then it seemed there was a flurry of people “announcing their PR campaigns,” including Countrywide Mortgage (yeah that worked out well) and our own Sac State.

Apparently both of my readers failed to inform the world that this is not a good strategy, especially in a market like Sacramento where public opinion can be led by a relative few as today I see the article by Dale Kasler and Ryan Lillis in the Sac Bee about the NBA and it’s “Image Makeover for Sacramento Kings.”  Maybe it’s the positioning, but the Kings don’t need a makeover.  People in Sacramento love the Kings. What they don’t like is that the team hasn’t been in the playoffs for the last few years and that the owners appeared to abandon Sacramento for the sandy beaches behind the Orange Curtain.

Let me be clear, don’t say, do.  Don’t announce your intention to change people’s perception of you, then everything you do is viewed through that lens.  Do the right thing, and guess what, people will start noticing, then you can wrap it into a nice package for people.


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