If your interview ends with the CEO pointing at the camera and saying “Turn that off” it’s not a good sign

RIM, the makers of Blackberry, have been under fire for many issues. They still sell a lot of their smartphones but have been eclipsed by the iPhone and Android phones in public consciousness.

In what looks like an interview that is supposed to be about RIM’s forthcoming “PlayBook” tablet (I’m guessing this because he’s holding one in his hand) the interviewee loses his train of thought and willingness to answer questions when asked about issues like security of their products in the Middle East and India.

When asked whether the issues with the Indian government have been sorted out, he looks to the side, I’m guessing to his PR person and says “That’s just not fair…because you implied we have a security problem…” and then continues “We don’t have a problem, we’ve just been singled out because we’re so successful around the world.” Then when asked if that issue was being sorted out, the CEO responded with “We’re dealing with a lot of issues…” I was seriously waiting for the next question to be, “When did you stop beating your wife?”

Whenever the interviewer would ask a question, the interviewer would respond with the same language, don’t let people choose your words for you.  The term to use is bridge, when asked about security issues, “Our products are used in 137 countries around the world (I made that up) and we’re constantly working to keep them the pre-eminent communications tool….”


The segment of the interview we’re discussing can be viewed at the BBC, and to be truthful it’s only a segment so we don’t know what else was said.




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