Sometimes you can go home again…

or at least you can go back and talk with a class you once took.

view across the quad at Pacific

I’ve been teaching classes at UC Davis Extension for the past four years, but today was the first time I’ve gone back to talk to a class at my alma mater, The University of the Pacific.  I was invited back to talk to the PR Administration class, which is one of the last courses required for the communication major.  It’s a small group, there were five students there today and Dr. Hackley, who was my faculty advisor when I was an undergrad. She’s retiring this year after 25 years at Pacific.

Dr. Hackley had a famous, infamous?, rule in her upper-level classes, the “F-0.” If you misspelled a proper name on a final assignment you received an “F,” but not just a regular “F,” you received zero points for the assignment. At the time, we all thought this was unduly harsh. After 15 years, in PR, I’ve learned that it was pretty good preparation for everyday work.  If I send something to a client and I’ve spelled their name incorrectly, they probably aren’t going to be a client for long.

This is a long-winded way of saying “thank you,” to Dr. Hackley for helping prepare me and hundreds of others for careers in PR. So, if you get the chance, go back to the classes that helped prepare you, thank the professors who helped you, and if you’re lucky, like I was today, talk with some people who are enthusiastic about learning about how to do what you do everyday.




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