The best way to get press to talk about you? Have something real (REEL) to say

This morning I was in West Sacramento in the studio for “Good Day Sacramento,” with our friends from Reel Change.  Reel Change is a non-profit that we work with pro bono that uses film to help tell the story of people in need around the world and help them.

The team from Reel Change also runs a production company that produces shows for National Geographic, The Discovery Channel and lots of other amazing networks.  In this work, they travel around the world to exotic places and meet a lot of people.  The people they meet open their homes to a film crew and share their stories, which if you’ve ever worked with a film crew can be pretty intrusive.

Over the years as they filmed people and their stories and then left, the crew came up with an idea to thank the people who shared their stories with them by asking them what they need and helping them get it.  In this case, the people of Timbuktu in Mali said they would really benefit from a new school and a hospital.  Next week Reel Change is going back to Mali with a doctor and a nurse from Stanford Hospital to conduct a needs assessment on the type of medical facility that best help in that community.  They’ve raised two-thirds of the funds for the trip and today were on Good Day to try and raise the last bit.  You can donate on their site.

When I started talking with a friend who’s a producer about this project he said, “Oh yeah, they can be on the show it’s a no brainer.”  Listen to the anchor at the end talking about how they love this project. What you don’t see are the production staff that came up before and after the shoot and said how much they love the project.

As with many non-profit CEO’s when you start talking with them they are passionate about what they do and want to talk about EVERYTHING they are doing.  With Reel Change, they are working on several projects around the world but we decided to focus on this one and tell this story right now.  There is a specific need, a story arc and a call to action.

Click above to watch the segment

This is why they were on the show, they have a great story to tell and a call to action. What’s your story?


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