Further evidence Chico just might be the center of everything

This evening I watched a portion of “The Bachelor” for the first time. Why did I watch it? They were going to visit Chico since one of the final contestants is a funeral director in Chico at a funeral home right across the street from where I went to junior high.

Shortly after watching that I opened up the Wall Street Journal site and saw an article about Pinpointe Laser, based in….Chico. Pinpointe has been working hard for several years, and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting the CEO, John Strisower, several times. While this first application of the laser is to treat toenail fungus, yes you read that right, there are several other incredible possible applications of the technology.

So, for today at least, people around the world will talk about Chico and think about funeral homes and toenail fungus. I never said being the center of the world was glamorous did I?




2 thoughts on “Further evidence Chico just might be the center of everything

  1. This post cracks me up for sure! I graduated from Chico State last May (PR/Marketing) and I’ve sort of been reveling in the afterglow of publicity surrounding Aaron Rogers winning the Super Bowl; I’ll be at the parade. Well, you’ve just gained a subscriber.

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