Meeting without coffee

Four years ago, I rented an office because I was tired of meeting people for coffee (which I wrote a bit about here). The first place we rented was three offices, a conference room etc.  When things slowed down at the end of 2008, that was way too big, so we downsized…a lot. I now have a single office.

One of the benefits of an office is to have a place to meet with people that’s not your house, and not a coffee shop. Sorry Starbucks, I don’t want you to be my “third place.”

But this isn’t about meeting in an office. This morning I had a meeting on a run with someone else that runs another PR firm.  This sounds very California doesn’t it?  We had a solid, productive 30 minute meeting while running three miles by Folsom Lake.  It was a nice change from sitting in a coffee shop, or in my office.  I completed the meeting and was in my office by 10.

I think I’m going to have to schedule more of this type of meeting.  Anyone else have meetings in non-traditional places?


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