What can you make? In Maine they’re making doormats out of lobster ropes

I love it when people see business opportunities and jump on them, especially in places where there aren’t many other options other than making it work yourself.

My cousin Jeff runs a small, family-run business in Maine, much like David Bird of Waldoboro, Maine.  I read about David and his company, Custom Cordage on DailyGrommet.  David’s company takes old lobster trap float rope and braids it into doormats.  This rope was originally built to withstand the Atlantic, so I think it can handle your front porch.

Here’s what a few of them look like:

Image from DailyGrommet.com

So take a look a look around. See what’s around you that’s not being used. Who knows, maybe you’ll find your next career.  In the meantime, buy yourself a doormat, or buy a NexStrap from my cousin Jeff.


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