What’s a good Super Bowl ad look like?

Much like this:


Volkswagen is rolling out a new Passat. They know their audience, Me.  Mid to late thirties, young family, and watches Star Wars with their kids. Check, check and check.

People will be talking about this ad, because it’s funny, it’s emotional (for parents at least), it touches on pop culture, and parents (or anyone who remembers how to be a kid) can totally empathize with it.

How’d the commercial turn out so well? Looks like VW actually partnered with LucasFilm to make the ad happen and to allow use of the “Imperial March,” by John Williams, which yes qualifies as “iconic.”

There’s a bit more about the spot in their official press release including that the work was done by Deutsch LA.





3 thoughts on “What’s a good Super Bowl ad look like?

  1. Awesome! Several years ago, before the Jetta, I had a yellow New Beetle. As I was leaving a party, a friend of mine and her twin girls, who were about three at the time, were leaving ahead me.

    The girls said “HI!” to my car. Behind them, I pushed the door lock button which caused it to beep at them. Their mom about died trying not to laugh out loud.

    Of course they did it again…. and of course the car “said hi” again.

    Eyes wide with amazement and wonder….. They never saw me.

    If a Mercedes isn’t my next car, my next car will be another Jetta. Love my VW’s!

  2. Sheer utter brilliance.

    Only thing that would have made it better would be Darth Vader jumping up and down at the end in joy.

    That’s what my three year old would have done. 🙂

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